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We LOVE our families! Parents AND Grandparents! We often hear of their appreciation for Riverbend Academy.  Some of them have put their expressions into words. Thank you for giving others insight from a parent's perspective.  

"I can’t speak highly enough for the teachers and administration at this school. They go above and beyond their call of duty when it comes to their students. Through the pandemic and when circumstances arise, they treat each child individually with such care and concern. They learn each child’s needs, where they are academically, and where they need to be. I’ve watched over these past years, not just with my own children, but with others, how they use the classical education structure to help guide children with a great education. You can really tell that everyone that works at Riverbend really wants to be there. Teaching can be a thankless job most days. I’m glad my girls have the teachers that they do. They are always just a phone call away and really want them to succeed and become exceptional human beings."

~ Alexandra Francis, parent 

"I have two daughters that attend Riverbend Academy. They are both in elementary and have been there for just over three years. It has been nothing but a wonderful experience. My wife and I wanted a great education that prepared them for college, but most importantly prepared them for life and leadership with a Christian Worldview. My daughters love their teachers because of the energy and passion that they pour into their lives. The academics are challenging, but also reasonable to allow for a balance with family and extra-curricular activities. The classical method has already challenged them to be masters of fundamental knowledge which they will use for the rest of their life. They are now learning the 'who, what, where, and when?' and will begin learning the 'how and why' next. Although the school is small, they continue to make investments in technology. If you are considering Riverbend Academy, I encourage you to take a tour. Riverbend is a wonderful school, but it is not a perfect place. I haven’t yet found a perfect school. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist. Riverbend is, however, a place where our daughters have been challenged academically, cultivated spiritually, and encouraged emotionally. Thank you Riverbend, for coming alongside us and helping our daughters grow in their relationship with God and their confidence in themselves."

~ Parents of 1st and 4th graders

"Early on, we decided we wanted our children to have a Christ-centered education. Because of God, we were blessed to have them attend an incredible Christian school in TN. Before we moved to New Smyrna in 2016, we began our search for a school that could compare. It was an easy decision. The Lord led us to Riverbend Academy. We were not familiar with Classical Education but quickly became huge fans! Also, the faculty and staff are amazing. They have helped to shepherd our children’s hearts, as well as their minds. Our family is so grateful for Riverbend Academy!”

Danny & Jennifer Carter, parents 

"Riverbend Academy has been an answer to our family's prayers! As we considered the various educational options for our family, we found Riverbend Academy to be the perfect fit for us. The Classical Christian approach to learning has proven to provide a strong foundation for our youngest son to begin his educational journey and our middle-school aged son to continue his. The team of administration and teachers have served our children in so many ways by challenging them to do their very best work, and to do it to the glory of God. The commitment to Christ-centered excellence is a breath of fresh air and one we pray will continue for decades to come." 

~ Christopher & Stephanie Johnson, parents