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Admission Requirements for Students

A child must have reached the age of five years by September 1st of the fall in which he/she would be entering Kindergarten. Any exceptions to this policy will require specific permission by the Headmaster. If a child has successfully completed the previous school year and his work and behavior compare favorably to the comparable grade at Riverbend Academy, the child will be placed in the grade for which he/she is applying. However, if through the administration of an entrance exam or other evidence, it is determined that the child may not be adequately prepared for the next sequential grade level, it may be necessary that he/she repeat the previous grade.

Admission Requirements for Parents

The parents/guardians must have read the Philosophy of Education, Affirmation of Faith and Statement on the Family included with the application and signed the release form acknowledging that they do not object to their child being taught accordingly (Parent Cooperation Agreement). The parents will then participate in a Parent Interview with the Headmaster.The parents/guardians agree to cooperate with all the policies of Riverbend Academy.

An application must be completed online, along with paying application fee of $50.00 (non-refundable). The school will conduct an academic assessment ($25 Assesment Fee) of the child to determine grade placement. An interview with the family is then arranged with the Headmaster and Associate Headmaster. After the interview, and after reviewing all other required materials, the Headmaster will make the decision whether to admit the student(s). Alison, our Director of Admissions, will notify the parents regarding acceptance. After acceptance, payment should be made for required fees or tuition payment.

We pray this process will help ensure you are comfortable with your decision and our school is a great fit for your family.