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Parent Volunteering Program

We have had parent volunteers all through our history as an Academy, but in the coming school year, we are formalizing a program to help provide more specific opportunities to parents to volunteer and to require 10 hours of volunteering per student for the school year.

The volunteering hours will be most valuable, but if a family determines it will not be possible, there is a donation option of $100 in place of the hours.

Opportunities will include such things as the following: Coordinate, plan, or volunteer at school events; solicit donations for events/fundraisers, such as our annual Legacy Dinner Gala; assist classroom teacher (specific, documentable duties assigned by the teacher); chaperone field trips, dances, etc.; participate in school sponsored prayer meetings; assist with clerical needs; complete approved projects at home for school use. Full details of the Volunteering program will be sent later this semester.

NOTE: Volunteering opportunities that involve direct contact/responsibility with students will require a background check.