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Core Study Areas: Kindergarten – fifth grade students core subjects include the typical math (Saxon) and language arts. We teach our children to memorize their math facts and time them regularly for speed and accuracy. As part of their language arts studies, they study grammar, penmanship, reading, and writing using the Progymnasmata. In addition, they study history chronologically with the Bible. Students memorize the books of the Bible along with biblical and historical events to reinforce God’s hand in all of history from the beginning of time.

Specialty Areas: Each day our Kindergarten – fifth grade students explore an area of study outside their classroom. Starting in Pre-K3, students will develop their creativeness in art and music and they will exercise the bodies and minds in PE. Kindergarten – 5th grade have weekly chapel services. Beginning in 2nd grade, students will add science to their special areas of study to learn more about God’s creation and the world around them.

Chants and Memorization: One of the unique aspects of a classical education model is the memorization at the Grammar level. These young minds have an incredible capacity to memorize and recall the who, what, where, and when of history, grammar, the Bible, and more! Students memorize and recite in fun ways, whether it be in the style of a military march, a reworded catchy tune, or a rap of the Greek gods.

Special Events: A highlight to each classroom is showcasing their studies for their parents. Beginning in Pre-K3, students are able to perform what they’ve learned in class. From the Christmas pageant in December to the individual graded events throughout the year, parents are invited to come see all their child is learning. Some such events include, but are not limited to, King Arthur’s Festival, Celebrate America, International Day, and Walk Like an Egyptian.