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We are so pleased that you are interested in enrollment at Riverbend Academy.  

As with most private schools, tuition can be a challenge for some families. That is why we have an opportunity for families to be able to overcome that obstacle with FACTS Grant and Aid. If you have toured the school and are interested in financial aid to attend Riverbend Academy, this is your FIRST step.  

           FACTS Grant and Aid

Riverbend Academy will no longer be accepting the Step Up for Students Tax Credit Scholarship (FTC) for NEW 2022-2023 student enrollments.

NOT accepted at Riverbend Academy
  • McKay Scholarship
  • Hope Scholarship
  • Family Empowerment Scholarship
  • AAA Scholarship
  • FES-US Scholarship
Policy on Funds from any Government Entity

Riverbend Academy, in order to maintain genuine liberty as a classical Christian school, seeks to avoid any funds from any government entity and, specifically, will not accept funds if the school is required to sign an agreement with the government or an outside organization to access the funding if that agreement creates a future obligation, or, if by statute, accessing the funds obligates the school to future obligations by the state or another agency besides the ACCS. In other words, for Riverbend Academy to accept a source of funding it must be on the condition that if the school stops accepting the funding, any strings must be immediately severed.

Should you need further information regarding scholarship opportunities, please contact the school office, 386-615-0986.