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Christian – Riverbend Academy commits to both teaching the absolute truth of God’s word, the Bible, and to integrating all areas of study with God’s word. We intentionally seek to instill a thoroughly Christian worldview in our students.

Classical – Riverbend Academy pursues a classical Christian approach to education. Students will be taught the fundamentals of each discipline (Grammar), how to think through each discipline (dialectic, or logic), and how to express their thinking on each discipline (rhetoric).

• The Supremacy and Sufficiency of the Word of God (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

God’s inerrant Word, the Bible, comprises the foundation upon which all areas of true knowledge and study rest. Riverbend Academy seeks to permeate all disciplines with God’s Word and study all disciplines under the authority of God’s Word (2 Tim 3:16-17; Col 1:15-20; Matt. 7:7-12; Rom 1:20).

God states in His Word that He reveals Himself in creation. Thus, all genuine truth in creation is truth God has revealed and is available to all mankind at all times. This means that truth in mathematics, science, language, history, etc. is established by God and should be studied as such. This truth from creation, however, will never contradict God’s special revelation in His Word, and thus God’s Word must guide us in our understanding of what is true and what is false in all fields of study.

• Parental Responsibility (Deut 6, Eph 6:4)

God has granted to parents the responsibility and authority for raising their children, including the responsibility of educating them. The heart of this education is the teaching of God’s Word, with all areas of knowledge. Riverbend Academy seeks to assist parents in this God-given responsibility. In addition, God has ordained fathers to be the heads of their homes. We desire that in each home, whenever possible, the father will exercise leadership in educating his children (Eph 5:22 – 6:4).

• Biblical Worldview (2 Cor:10:5)

All areas of knowledge and life should be viewed according to the perspective of the absolute truth of God’s Word. Riverbend Academy teaches this worldview and seeks to model it through the godly lifestyles of its teachers, staff and volunteers. As a key part of teaching this worldview, Riverbend Academy seeks both to encourage students, by God’s grace, to repent of their sins and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ alone for salvation. It further seeks to provide an environment in which students can develop Christian character and leadership skills (2 Cor. 10:5, Matt. 28:18-20, 19:13-15; Proverbs 22:6, 4:20-27, 2 Cor. 5:20).

• Academic Excellence (Col 3:23)

Riverbend Academy believes in doing all it does with excellence as unto the Lord. Riverbend Academy teachers provide a high level of teaching to provide for an expected high level of learning from their students. Though Riverbend Academy’s purpose and vision are much broader, they include being an academically challenging school and what has traditionally been called “College Preparatory.”

• Classic Trivium (Luke 10:27)

Riverbend Academy teaches with the time-proven classical approach of the Trivium. The trivium consists of three categories: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric.

These three categories are emphasized successfully in three stages of the student’s educational development.

The Grammar stage focuses on mastery of knowledge, specifically the fundamental and foundational knowledge that will provide them with a framework on which to build all future learning. Grammar refers not just to the fundamentals of English but also theology, history, mathematics and other disciplines. The grammar stage seeks to address the questions “who, what, where, and when?”

The Logic stage focuses on thinking properly and well. The students will learn how to order, relate and think through the knowledge they are gaining. This stage seeks to equip the students with sound thinking skills that will enable them to recognize when an idea or argument is sound, when one is not, and how to correct it. The Logic stage seeks to address the questions “why and how?”

The Rhetoric stage focuses on training the students to use written and spoken language to communicate their thinking clearly and persuasively. This is the stage of application and expression.

The Trivium seeks to instill in students a love for learning and give them the tools of learning so that they can both think and communicate clearly, fully and biblically.

• Biblical Discipline

Our Academy staff will encourage and bless students for obedience and bring consequences to students for disobedience. We believe maintaining sound discipline is essential to quality education, and we are committed to not allowing a student’s persistent misbehavior to frustrate the education of other students.
In line with parents having the God-ordained responsibility for their children, we will involve parents early in any disciplinary issues with their student. (Eph. 6:1-4; Heb. 12: 6-7; Heb. 13:17)

• Preparation for God’s Purpose (Jeremiah 29:11-13)

Riverbend Academy seeks to be an effective part of preparing its students for God’s plan for them to God’s glory.