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For 22 years, Riverbend Academy has provided a classical, Christian alternative in education, with caring Christian teachers who use challenging academics, arts and athletics to cultivate the hearts of students toward Jesus Christ and to love God and others. The Academy equips the minds of students to master knowledge, think sharply and communicate clearly. Above all, the Academy experience impacts the lives of students with Godly character and a thoroughly Biblical worldview.  "Our prayer is that the graduate of Riverbend Academy will love Christ, love others, and contend earnestly for the faith revealed in God's Word, the Bible (Jude 3).” Jason Karr, Headmaster

Through the years the Academy has grown from a student body of 15 students in Kindergarten through 1st Grade to approximately 315 students in Preschool through 12th Grade.  Along the way we have sought to be faithful and creative in using our facility well to allow this growth, but now we have reached the point that we very much need more classroom space! This new space will allow for our long-term goal of two sections for every grade and for the added quality of dedicated space for specialty areas such as science labs (this phase) and art studio.

In 2021 Riverbend Academy kicked off the Riverbend Academy Matthew Project (RAMP) to raise funds needed for the addition of 2 fully furnished science labs, 5 classrooms and additional restrooms. We have looked forward to this for several years, and are so thankful for the funds that have already been given to this project.

What began as a $1.2 million project increased to $1.9 million due to increased building costs, etc. We have raised over $1.3 million towards the project. If you would like to contribute to RAMP, you may give online by following the link below or contact the Academy office at (386) 615-0986.



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