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A Unique Opportunity

Riverbend Academy: A Unique Educational Opportunity

When I was pregnant with my first son, I was teaching in the public school system. I anticipated what teachers my son would have through elementary school and believed he would most certainly attend there.

Shortly after giving birth, I thought, there’s no way I could part with him for so many hours a day. I determined I would homeschool him all his remaining days. My church had a homeschooling ministry and I thought surely as a certified teacher, I could educate him myself.

Then I attended a Riverbend Academy fundraiser. It was the year before my oldest was due to begin kindergarten. I was blown away by the caliber of the student performances! Their knowledge was astounding as they rattled off chant after chant, grade by grade, each knew more than the one before. Watching the interactions between students and teacher, student and student, with the joy they exuded on stage made me come to a startling realization…I could not duplicate that kind of educational experience at home.

I had not heard of a classical education before but it intrigued me deeply. Terms such as trivium were new. I vaguely recalled its stages from my educational psychology class; however, when my professor taught it, she dismissed it as archaic. I had no idea it was still around, a successful and viable educational methodology, and right under my nose! My husband and I then determined to make whatever sacrifices were necessary to ensure our children would attend Riverbend Academy.

Riverbend Academy is a unique educational opportunity. There are many attributes contributing to our school’s unique education. Our subject matter, spread over the Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric years, for one. We teach Latin, Logic, and Rhetoric. Two of these courses, I didn’t have the opportunity to take until college, and that was due to the requirements of my major! Now, my boys would have the opportunity to take these courses throughout their educational experience.
Evident at the performances is the teachers love for their students. Yes, teachers love their students no matter the school, but this type of love is unique to Riverbend Academy. Our school is Christian not only in name but in deed. As such, the teachers’ love for their students is not just a superficial love them to behave or love them to learn the subjects as dictated by the government. Rather, the teachers have a Christ-centered perspective in teaching all subjects. They teach students the love of God’s design in mathematics and sciences, of His providential hand throughout history, and beauty through the arts and music.

Further, they teach about the love of Christ and His redeeming work upon the cross. My children are presented the Gospel in every subject, in every discipline situation, and in their daily discussions; my children are consistently pointed to Christ and His righteous atonement. My children are not only allowed but required to bring their Bibles to each class, where they open the Word of God to see how it’s not Google or Siri that holds the answers to life’s questions, but the living Word of God.

When you are taught to think critically through the lens of Scripture, it changes who you are. Even our senior graduation is unique, complete with a knighting of the men and young ladies with a blessing and charge. At Riverbend Academy, we seek to produce growing and maturing young adults who seek to further the kingdom of God for His glory and our good.

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