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We teach from a Biblical worldview and train our students to view life through the lens of scripture.  We seek to parnter with you, the parents, in this endeavor.  All our teachers have either a Bachelor's degree or higher and profess salvation.  They have a love for their students and teaching.  We are strong academically as our students score at least 19% higher than the national average on SAT and ACTs.  Most of our students go on to pursue higher learning.

Classical education addresses the whole child.  We desire the student to grow spiritually and academically as we teach them to see the truth, beauty, and goodness in Creation. 

Family life is important.  Knowing this, we balance homework accordingly.  Students are given homework based on the grade (ie, first vs. seventh grade).  We desire our students and families to have time to attend church on Wednesday nights and have opportunity to be involved in athletics as well.

See below for a better understanding of classical christian education. 

Classical Christian Education