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“Introductory Blog about the Blog”

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The Academy Colloquium

A Blog of Riverbend Academy


“Introductory Blog about the Blog”

by Stephen Collins


Folks, welcome to The Academy Colloquium, the Riverbend Academy blog. You may understand a colloquium as any presentation, analysis, and/or discussion of any topic or subject. My aim will be to provide presentations of things worthy of rich thought, sometimes for immediate godly action and other times for the sake of simply beholding what is beautiful; the former may be theological or philosophical, and the latter may be explicitly poetic. I’d like to have a new post each week, but time and space what they are, we shall see.


Maybe an appetizing set of questions: Why have a blog; why write and read; why discuss and converse? As succinctly as I am able to answer: these things are human. Created in the image of God, we desire communion with one another; we desire to be fully human and to experience as fully as we may the glory of what it means to be human. We genuinely need to express ourselves and righteously experience each other. Sadly, some live far too close to the seemingly sub-human status of an inarticulate lone dungeon dweller, deprived of light and nourishment, and so most regularly engages in communication little above animalistic grunts and gestures. As Christians (and again, as humans) we have a higher calling and delight: thoughtful, expressive, nourishing verbal interaction and connection.


Show me a parent and child relationship that is suffering and I’ll often show you a lack of thorough and thoughtful communication; show me a failing marriage and I’ll show you one where honest, humble, and loving communication died months or years ago. To thrive in every aspect of life we need to be thinking and communicating well. Clearly, such is predicated on honing an ability to not only graciously and truthfully speak but to lovingly listen well.


One mode of listening is reading. So, here you go: The Academy Colloquium, another opportunity to read and to listen, to think and to communicate, reveling in a part of what it means to be human. If you would like to so engage, please email me any questions or comments on what is published here.


Yours, but only to a degree,

Stephen Collins


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