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Fundraisers and Prayer Requests

Fundraisers and Prayer Requests

Riverbend Academy is thankful to the Lord for bringing donors to us who provide additional opportunities to our students we would not typically have available. The Lord has been gracious to bring us where we are and allowing us to grow. We continue to pray and plan toward improvements and additions for our students.

You can be a part of fulfilling our needs!

Consider how you can invest in a child's life with a donation that will impact their lives.

Capital Campaign

A Capital Campaign has begun to build an addition onto our school and offer a designated Science Lab and Art Studio.  Plans are being drawn up by an architect.  YOU can be a major part of this endeavor by purchasing a "seat" for a student for this addition.  Contact Alesha Richmond for more information on this tax-deductible donation.

Our Associate Headmaster recently took us outside to discuss the new location of our addition!  We are anticipating GREAT thing!  Just listen...




We have two opportunities besides the Capital Campaign to contribute toward exceptional education of the whole body of our students: 

Legacy Dinner & Gala and Team Radius

Riverbend Academy will host a dinner in March each year, Legacy Dinner & Gala, where those desiring to see the school thrive, fund scholarships, and meet our budget. It is simply a time of reflection, appreciation and giving.

Additionally, Team Radius is a community-wide annual event that both blesses our community and student families.  Our entire student body goes into nonprofits in Ormond and Daytona Beach to assist with any chores, clean-up, and projects needed to be complete.  Students, along with some of their parents, have made a difference at the Conklin Center, WORC, Veterans Center, Ormond Beach Parks, the YMCA, Legacy House, and many more.  Students accept donations to sponsor them missing school to spend the day working in the community.

Legacy Opportunities

As you can imagine, running a business requires budgeting just like a home does.  Since Riverbend Academy desires to be pleasing to the Lord and the monies entrusted to us, we have a budget that is set up to cover the necessities of our school without being frivolous.  This budget covers many needs, however, there are other needs that come about as years past, material things wear out, technology advances, security measures need improved, and much more.  

There are levels for monthly pledges for all to participate!   

If you are interested in learning more about how you can be a Legacy Builder, please contact us.

Thank you for considering!