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Homecoming 2022 Invite


Homecoming 2022: Dress Code and Guest Polices

Dress Code for Ladies:

  • Avoid dresses with open backs below shoulder blades.
  • Choose necklines that cover all cleavage.
  • If dress has a slit, please be considerate of modest standards.
  • Strapless dresses are acceptable; again, consider modest standards.
  • Dresses must meet length approval, reaching the fingertips when standing upright with shoulders relaxed. If unsure, please text a picture to Valerie Brown at 386-295-2457.
  • Administration reserves the right to deny entrance to the dance due to impropriety.

Dress Code for Gents:

  • Dress pants are required either of the combinations below.
    • Sportscoat + dress shirt (tie optional)
    • Vest + dress shirt (tie optional)
    • Dress shirt + tie
  • Polo shirts are not permitted.

Guest Policy:

  • Must be in grades 9-12.
  • Must be enrolled in Riverbend Academy, or RCC Homeschool Group or actively involved in a local church youth group.
  • If not from Riverbend Academy, guests must complete a registration form and submit to the school office. Forms are available in the school office. Attendance is based on approval of school administration.