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Riverbend Academy is Here to Serve!  We are passionate about Classical education.    

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Riverbend Academy, a K-12th Christ-centered and classical school, purposes to glorify the Lord by serving parents in their God–given responsibility of educating their children. We do so pursuing three primary goals:

1. We seek to cultivate the heart of each student toward Christ by teaching the absolute truth of God’s Word, the Bible, and integrating all areas of study with God’s Word, intentionally seeking to instill a thoroughly Christian worldview in our students so that, Lord willing, they trust and follow Christ alone as their Savior and Lord, and truly think, communicate and live biblically in God’s grace.

2. We seek to equip the mind of each student well through classical
education. The classical approach equips our students with the tools of learning: how to gain and master knowledge themselves (Grammar); how to think and reason well (Logic); and, how to effectively communicate on their own in both speaking and writing (Rhetoric). It also encourages the pursuit of God’s truth, beauty and goodness in all their study. These tools, and an accompanying love for learning, will prepare them exceptionally well for life, including higher education, their vocation, and however God leads them to serve.

3. We seek to impact the life of each student for their best and God’s glory, by God’s grace, through being an evangelistic and sanctifying influence in their lives and families, preparing them to be loving ambassadors of Christ and earnest contenders for the faith with great skillfulness in thinking and communicating in whatever vocational pursuit and sphere of life God places them.

If you have further interest in Riverbend Academy for enrollment, encouragement, support or feedback, we’d love to hear from you!

By His Grace,

Jason Karr