RiverBend Academy

Welcome to Riverbend Academy, a distinctive school that pursues a classical Christian approach to learning. We pursue this approach because it equips students with the tools and love for life-long learning. Students are taught the fundamentals of each discipline (grammar), how to think through each discipline (dialect or logic) and how to express their thinking on each discipline (rhetoric).

This three-pronged approach, known as the Trivium, is pursued at all ages, but each prong is emphasized successively to match the students’ development. They begin during their grammar years with a focus on memorizing and mastering important basic information in creative ways such as songs, chants or repetitious learning games. They continue during the middle school years to focus on how to think, reason and evaluate logically using such methods as debates, discussions and examinations of arguments. During their high school years, their focus turns to how to communicate clearly and persuasively using a variety of methods, including drama, thesis writing, mock trials and apologetics. As a school, we are training students with academic excellence to think sharply and communicate clearly.

Riverbend Academy teaches the absolute truth of God’s Word, the Bible, and commits to integrating all areas of study with God’s Word. We intentionally seek to instill a thoroughly Christian worldview in our students. As a school, we are contending for the faith, and our vision includes graduating students who contend for the faith.

Re-Enrollments and New Enrollments

Believe it or not, it is almost time to begin re-enrollments and the processing of new applications!  Re-Enrollment packets are scheduled to go home with current students by the end of January.  As soon as the Board of Governing Officers determines Rates and Fees for the 2015-2016 school year, we will post that information.  The initial Re-Enrollment period will continue through the end of February, during which time current students can secure their spots.  We will begin placing new students at the beginning of March, although Admission Applications can be received at anytime (we will be updating the pdf of the Application on this website in the coming weeks, but you are welcome to print and use one of the 2014-2015 Applications in the meantime).  By early February we will begin conducting parent interviews and academic assessments for prospective students.  Call the school office (386-615-0986) to schedule a tour or get more information.

Financial Aid

Riverbend Academy does not accept any vouchers, grants or scholarships by any government agency, whether federal, state or local.  However, when funds are available, we do award needs-based scholarships based on recommendations by FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition).  There is a link under "Admissions" to the FAST application (effective November 1, 2014, the FAST Application Fee will be $41), which can be completed at any time.  Once the application is complete and tax records have been mailed and verified, a recommendation will be sent to the school which will go before our Board for consideration. 

Athletic Booster Club

Check out the information on becoming a member of our Riverbend Academy Athletic Booster Club (RAABC)!  The details can be found under the "Athletics" link.


Be sure to be using the ParentsWeb link for grade and attendance information for your child/ren, updated calendar listings, and more.  ParentsWeb is now your primary source for upper school homework.  Please call the school office if you have any questions (615-0986).

Warrior Walks

Come join us for a scheduled Warrior Walk! This 60 minute presentation is designed for anyone interested in learning more about the ministry of Riverbend Academy. Walks can also be scheduled by request.  Call the school office (615-0986) for more information.  Here is a schedule for some of the future Warrior Walks:

Wednesday, January 28 @ 11:00 AM
Thursday, January 29 @ 8:00 AM

Wednesday, February 18 @ 11:00 AM
Thursday, February 19 @ 8:00 AM
Wednesday, March 25 @ 11:00 AM
Thursday, March 26 @ 8:00 AM 


We officially received our K-12 accreditation from the Association of Classical & Christian Schools (ACCS) in 2010, and recently received our "Fully-Accredited" 5 year renewal..  To God be the glory!! 

Box Tops for Education

We are continuing a Box Tops for Education drive at Riverbend Academy!  Box Tops can be turned into the school office any time and will benefit both the Academy and Promise Land Enrichment Center.  We receive "free money" for every Box Top! 










2014-2015 (.pdf)

Click for full calendar

January 5
School resumes

January 12
Teacher Duty Day
No School

January 16
Pizza/Jeans Day

January 19
Parent/Teacher Conferences for K-6

January 28
Warrior Walk 11 AM
Riverbend Academy Night

January 29
Warrior Walk 8 AM

February 2
Re-Enrollment Begins

February 5
Headmaster's Luncheon (for 6th grade parents)

February 6
Pizza/Jeans Day

February 13
Feb 13-16 Winter Break

February 18
Warrior Walk 11 AM

February 19
Warrior Walk 8 AM

February 20
Pizza/Jeans Day